Turned parts for aerospace and military weapons

We produce turned parts for the military, aviation and aerospace industries.
Turned parts weapon, machined components aerospace
Our production capacities range from 10 mm to 165 mm.

Our company has built up extensive skills in machining components for aerospace and military uses, that are extremely complex to work:

  • lead-free steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • aviation-spec titanium,
  • high-alloy stainless steel,
  • nickel alloys,
  • Alloy 625,
  • Alloy 718,
  • Alloy A286 1.4980,
  • Alloy 200,
  • Alloy 36NiFe36,
  • etc.

We conduct rigorous testing on demand, cross-inspections, 100% sorting, chemical analysis, ultrasound inspections, chemical de-burring, electrolytic plating, mechanical strength tests, surface inspections, etc.

Feel free to contact us for the manufacture of turned parts for aerospace and weaponry, discretion assured.